Industrial Vision Systems


An EPIC Industrial Machine Vision System delivers superior pass/fail rates and efficiencies over out-of-the-box solutions. From custom packaging inspections to process feedback applications, our engineers design, program and customize a vision solution that’s right for you.

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Global Vision Rollouts

Standard systems to roll-out across multiple manufacturing lines

Custom systems that are repeatable and are regularly rolled out for multiple lines nationally or internationally. Whether you need two units or 200 units, you need each system to operate the same way, to perform equally well, and be simple to maintain.

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Defect Inspection

Catch and resolve product, packaging, or surface defects in real-time

Our automated defect inspection systems give you the confidence that good product is coming off your line. From surface defects to misprinted packaging, our defect inspection systems ensure your products and packaging are up to spec every time.


Packaging Inspection

Find wrinkles, mislabeled product, damaged packaging, and other issues

Do you need a system with a limited false reject rate to meet exacting standards? We will work with you to perfect your product, eliminate recall risk and improve overall quality for distributor compliance and end-user satisfaction.


Custom Web Inspection

Find holes, tears, improperly formed web, missing or defective features

A custom web defect inspection vision system from EPIC will protect product quality and increase customer satisfaction. High-speed web inspection capabilities include damage inspection, label inspection, code verification, and artwork inspection.


Tolerance & Measurement Systems

Precise, calibrated measurements of your manufactured components

Our tolerance and measurement inspection systems ensure product quality, repeatable production standards, and can reveal valuable process information. Applications include part inspection, color verification, 3D inspection, and temperature inspection.


Print & Label Inspection

Accurate code and print inspection for high speed lines

Damaged or incorrect labels can hurt the reputation of your products and make your company vulnerable if you’re not meeting safety and regulatory requirements. A custom print or code inspection system can solve this problem.


Process Control Vision Systems

Real-time monitoring of continuous processes

Be proactive instead of reactive in determining flaws in your process. Our inspection systems provide process control and feedback, robot guidance, data collection, real-time inspection, and high-speed image recording to keep your process in spec.


Custom Inspection Systems

Solve unique challenges with custom vision systems

Do you need an inspection solution that is unlike anything else mentioned on this site? Many of EPIC’s turnkey vision systems fit in their own category like 3D inspections, multi-camera systems, thermal inspections and more. What are you trying to see?

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More Than A Camera. Vision Systems That Work


We are vision system specialists, focused solely on providing solutions that are custom designed, programmed, fully automated and rolled out to every system on your plant floor. Complete vision systems from EPIC are tailored to address your specific needs, deliver the best achievable pass/fail rates and reduce liability.


EPIC is a good fit for your application:

  • Customized solutions
  • High degree of precision (measurement and gauging)
  • High speed/high production rate applications
  • Stringent pass/fail rates
  • Improved repeatability (GRR)
  • Quality, purpose-built systems with a long life, low maintenance, and reliability
  • Detailed and documented system designs that can be repeated to multiple lines and/or plant locations


EPIC is NOT a fit for these applications:

  • Quick, cheap camera installation
  • Reseller of a camera or equipment components with no programming or engineered design
  • Simple application for the do-it-yourself
  • Specific system for which another company already has a low-cost vision package

Turnkey Vision Systems

We provide complete, precise vision systems tailored to your specific needs and budget. Our EPIC vision solutions all follow these development steps to ensure a complete, correct solution.

System Design & Programming

  • Concept Development

    We develop your idea or fill-in the intermediate steps before moving into the design stage and developing a full vision system.

  • Front-End Engineering

    Feasibility testing and a detailed quoting process during Front-End Engineering ensure your vision systems are up to spec and your quote is accurate.

  • Design Engineering

    Our vision engineers take your specifications and complete both a preliminary design and final design with reviews after both steps. Initial programming is also completed during the phase.

Assembly & Installation

  • Vision System Fabrication

    Fabrication and assembly of brackets, control boxes, and other parts required for your turnkey vision system.

  • System Integration

    From pre-prepping your plant environment to FAT testing after installation, we make sure your vision system installation goes smoothly.

  • Installation & Startup

    We ensure your vision system starts up and runs smoothly, retesting all aspects of the system, while leaving your staff fully trained and ready to take over.

The EPIC Vision Advantage


We don’t manufacture cameras, lighting or robotic arms. EPIC is a system integrator that engineers and manufactures complete solutions that we deliver to you as a turnkey system. Our team of machine vision and automation engineers has diverse capabilities to cover a wide array of vision applications, and offer a broad range of experience.


The EPIC Approach is to provide one-on-one service and build a long-term partnership with our clients. We are not generalists like many large automation integrator companies. Many OEMs and general integrators know how to add a camera to a line for simple systems. But EPIC has the ability to create economies of scale and go in depth with a team of experts that specialize in customizing vision designs and inspection programming.


We get the most out of your vision system with proper equipment selection, integration, and programming. This customization is unique for your inspection requirements and manufacturing environment. Lighting, controls, cameras and optics must all be carefully selected and engineered. Once assembled, systems must be programmed, calibrated and fully tested prior to installation.


At EPIC, these features are combined with a carefully designed user interface for flexibility and operator ease of use. Onsite support includes installation supervision, in-plant check out, programming, commissioning and user training.

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Below is a sample of some of our happy clients that we have completed successful industrial process systems or sanitary process systems for in the past. To view more, visit our Clients Page or Contact Us for specific project examples.

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