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EPIC Completes Global Vision System Rollouts

global-rollouts-of-vision-systems1Over the course of 2014 and 2015, EPIC has completed several global rollouts of vision systems. Between several projects, systems have been rolled out to various locations in the US, Europe, Asia, India, Africa, South America, and Central America. These standardized vision systems were tested and designed in domestic client plants, then multiplied and shipped worldwide– in a few cases hundreds of systems in total. Visit our global rollouts page to learn more about these projects and EPIC’s capabilities around global machine vision rollouts.

Filtering for Vision System Success

An automotive supplier uses a filtered vision inspection system to inspect up to 900 parts per minute to substantially improve quality and productivity. Polarizing filters and an Ultraviolet(UV)/infrared (IR) filter eliminate glare, reducing the number of false failures of the vision algorithm. This cut inspection time from 85 to 65 milliseconds. Read more about the technical details of this vision application recently published by

Come Meet Baxter the Robot: Attend EPIC’s 20th Party

EPIC-20-YearsBaxter will be attending EPIC’s 20th Celebration on August 28th, where you can come meet him. Baxter is expert at handling low volume, high mix production jobs, and an affordable alternative to outsourced labor and fixed automation. HTE Technologies will be showcasing Baxter at EPIC’s 20th Celebration on August 28th. The party runs from 11a – 9p and includes local foods for lunch and dinner, live bands and much more. RSVP today.

Image Normalization: Improving Inspections with Better Contrast

Machine vision expert Chris Walker explores how normalizing images can help vision inspections detect product features or segment images faster and more effectively. Do you have dark print on a dark bottle cap? A vision system using image normalization can detect and read the print. Normalization has a number of uses in the machine vision field as a way to create better contrast in images.

Fundamentals of 3-D Machine Vision

Machine vision technology has reached widespread acceptance and is commonly used in production floor applications today. Future growth in machine vision will be in 3D applications, with 2D space becoming a thing of the past. Industry systems and components have made 3D imaging the new wave of the future. Continue reading story…


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