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As leaders in vision system design, automation and implementation, EPIC’s engineers regularly author articles in industry publications. These articles cover a range of topics, from specific equipment recommendations to case examples. Please browse below and contact an EPIC Vision Engineer with any questions or call 314-714-1580 to discuss a custom application.

Vision Systems Articles Featuring EPIC Applications

Guide: How to Determine Cost for a Vision System Project

Preview of the vision systems cost factors guide

How is cost determined by vendors when quoting vision systems? Which elements will have the largest effect on cost? As you start working with vendors to create your vision systems design, you are probably wondering what the end price tag is going to be and how you can keep costs under control

In this Whitepaper, we cover:

  • Vision system cost factors
  • Initial costs vs rollout costs of a vision system
  • Hidden costs associated with non-custom vision systems
  • Benefits of investing in a custom vision system

Web link: How to Determine Cost for a Vision System Project

Downloadable PDF: Vision Sytems Cost Factors Guide

Article: Technology Trends – Smart Cameras Check Bottles at High-Speed

bottle inspection vision system by EPICPublication: Vision Systems Design

Author: EPIC Systems, Inc.

Synopsis: An EPIC developed vision system inspects 6oz plastic bottles of fruit juice at speeds of up to 900 units per minute. The system verifies correct cap position, performs tamper band verification and checks whether a printed date code was present on the top of the cap.

Web link: Industrial Inspection – Camera’s Inspect Bottles at High Speeds

Downloadable PDF: Bottle Inspection Vision Systems

Article: Ready To Go. Turnkey Machine Vision Systems Allow Manufacturers to Leave the Vision Applications to the Experts

Publication: Vision and Sensors, Quality Magazine

Author: Michelle Bangart

Synopsis: Ordering out-of-the-box vision solutions may not be the best move if you want tailored, optimized results. A turnkey system from a vision integrator offers a vision solution tailored to your line, with less risk and on-going long-term support. Turnkey machine vision systems can be more expensive, but usually offer a better return on investment over the long run.

Web link: “Ready to Go” on

Downloadable PDF: Turnkey Ready to Go

vision-systems-coverArticle: Filters Reduce Glare in Automotive Canister Inspection

Publication: Vision Systems Design

Author: Chris Walker, EPIC Systems

Synopsis: An automated inspection of automotive canisters utilizes polarizers with cameras to reduce glare. Automotive cylinders are inspected at a rate of 900 parts/minute. A two-part inspection checks the surface of the cylinders to ensure they are properly sealed. Glare from the canisters and sealant is reduced by employing a polarized filter on the camera lens.

Web link: Optical filters reduce glare in automotive canister machine vision inspection application

Downloadable PDF: Filters Reduce Glare

Related article: “Filters Reduce Sealant Failures”

Article: Before & After Vision System Contest

adhesive vision inspection systemPublication: Midwest Optical 

Author: Chris Walker, EPIC Systems

Synopsis: Walker submitted photos of an application where he used several types of polarizing filters to inspect a black bead of material for width, position, and consistency within a cylindrical object. With no filter applied to the vision system, glare was present on the black material. To help reduce glare a custom shaped polarizing filter was applied, and glare was eliminated completely by using a BP550 filter to eliminate any UV/IR.

Downloadable PDF: MidOpt Article

Article: When to Automate

Control Engineering

Author: EPIC Systems, Inc.

Synopsis: Automation can boost productivity and provide long-term ROI when correctly applied. Six steps for determining when and where to apply or upgrade automation are outlined.

Web link: When deciding to automate, system integrators can help

Downloadable PDF: When to Automate Control Eng

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