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Benefits of Working with EPIC Machine Vision


Benefits of EPICWhy choose EPIC over our competition? Some companies just sell the camera. We sell the system.

Our complete,customized vision systems are designed for your specific environment whether it’s a food grade plant, foundry, medical device laboratory, or virtually any other product environment.

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The EPIC Difference

EPIC’s front-end engineering approach, extensive engineering experience, founding principles, client/vendor relationship experience stand out from the rest. One of our top commitments remains to our clients and vendors, aiming to develop respectful, mutually beneficial relationships for all parties involved.

EPIC’s Founding Principles

EPIC was founded on the idea that manufacturers need better solutions. Read how EPIC can help you do it better…

EPIC’s Vision Lab

Our state-of-the-art vision lab is the ideal setting to begin the exploration and machine vision feasibility testing for your custom vision application. Read how EPIC’s vision lab allows engineers to simulate the most difficult vision applications in our lab before final design is completed…

EPIC’s Quality Assurance Program

EPIC’s complete quality assurance program includes quality control checks by our skilled craftsmen, our fabrication plant, our quality control specialist, and the project manager. View all areas covered in our thorough QA checks…

Safety is of EPIC Importance

At EPIC, safety is a top priority. Our plant provides a safe, well-organized environment for our craftspeople, allowing better quality control and efficient use of time as opposed to traditional stick-built construction.

Safety of our employees is important, but we also take visitor safety seriously. Prior to your visit at EPIC, we will provide you with a copy of our Visitor Safety Policy.


EPIC Vision Systems
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