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Benefits of Working with EPIC Machine Vision

The EPIC Vision Lab

Found only at EPIC, our state-of-the-art vision lab is the ideal setting to begin the exploration and machine vision feasibility testing for your custom vision application. Part of our comprehensive approach vision systems, our engineers are able to simulate even the most challenging industrial machine vision applications inside our lab before final design is completed to ensure the system works exactly as intended upon start-up.

Vision Inspection MachineEPIC’s in-house vision lab provides us the unique ability to offer a complete guarantee that our systems function far longer and surpass conventional inspection machine vision applications as they are configured to meet your specific needs. Inside our vision lab, we have entirely portable demo camera systems that can also be setup on-site at your plant or on manufacturing lines themselves for demonstration, part inspection simulation and testing. At EPIC, our goal is to recommend for you the most sound vision system design with the best quality vision inspection equipment to keep your manufacturing moving forward.


  • Replicate part motion using:
    • Drum turnables (web motion)
    • 20 foot racetrack conveyors (bottle motion)
    • Disk turnable (small product motion at low & high speeds)
    • Belt conveyors – 24 inch (box & bag motion)
    • Motion controllers & slides
  • Simulate turnkey machine vision inspection machine applications using:

    • Standard & hi-resolution cameras from a variety of manufacturers
    • A variety of lenses and filters
    • Polarizing materials and diffusers
    • An assortment of lights including ring, dome, bar, axial, diffuse, backlights, low angle, spot and fiber optic lights from a variety of manufacturers
    • Strobe controllers
    • CPU stations
    • A variety of mounting hardware

EPIC Vision Systems
4134 Meramec Bottom Rd
St. Louis, MO 63129, US