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Benefits of Working with EPIC Machine Vision

Plant Specific Safety

Plant SafetyWhether working inside EPIC’s fabrication facilities, in the field or on the plant floor, EPIC’s engineers and skilled craftspeople work under a steadfast commitment to strict FDA, ASME and AWS guidelines. The regular trainings held at EPIC on safety guidelines allow our vision specialists to integrate systems seamlessly into working plant environments. Our vision lab and shop provide a safe, well-organized environment for our vision designers and fabricators. Costs and risks associated with OSHA hours and safety hazards in your plant are reduced through our testing process.  Vision system testing and pre-assembly are completed inside EPIC’s controlled shop/ machine vision lab environments.  EPIC’s staffing strategy allows us to keep our clients’ costs down, diminish risks and save time.

EPIC understands that many manufacturers must operate according to strict corporate-imposed safety guidelines. On every project we execute, we uphold and account for all required safety specifications necessary for successful project completion.



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