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OCR solution

Planning Your High-Speed Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

As a manufacturer in industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, automotive or consumer goods, have you ever experienced common issues like typographical errors, incorrect date codes, misprints and other print related defects? Flaws such as these diminish the reputation of a brand, and inhibit the ability to achieve traceability and package compliance. In addition, these flaws […]

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Vision system testing

Part Deux: What’s Happening in EPIC’s Vision System Lab

Are you interested in a machine vision system to help with quality control at your manufacturing plant? Chances are we have engineered systems similar to your upcoming project. Below you will find the second part of “What’s Happening in EPIC’s Vision System Lab,” which highlights vision applications we are currently working with. If you missed the […]

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Industrial Machine Vision System for a Custom Machine

What’s Happening In EPIC’s Industrial Machine Vision Lab

Planning a vision project? Wondering if EPIC has experience similar to your application? From wrinkled label feasibility testing to sub-millimeter defect inspection, our engineers are always testing or engineering an array of vision applications. Read on to see highlights of what is happening in our industrial machine vision lab… Wrinkled Label Inspection Feasibility Testing Our […]

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bottle inspection image

Vision System Application Using Smart Cameras to Check Bottles at High Speed

EPIC’s machine vision engineer, Chris Walker, worked with Vision Systems Design Magazine on an article featured in their technology trends section for their November 2015 issue. The article was based around a high speed bottling line project that EPIC Systems recently completed for a major soft drink producer. The client was in need of a […]

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Keep Rolling, Rolling, Rolling… Machine Vision System National & Global Rollouts

Ever wondered how large manufacturers of consumer goods ship pallets and pallets of products out their doors each year with limited defects? Chances are they have a machine vision system inspecting their products before they are boxed, palletized, and stretch wrapped… EPIC works with nation-wide and global manufacturers providing machine vision systems that inspect products […]

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normalized image

Using Image Normalization for Improved Product Inspection

Post material pulled from machine vision expert Chris Walkers blog. Image normalization is often used to enhance image contrast. Normalization techniques create a greater difference between the darkest grays (by pushing them towards black) and the lightest grays (by pushing these towards white). The image on the left below is an image before normalization, with […]

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EPIC Company Photo

EPIC: The “Un-Corporation”

EPIC strive’s to be better by limiting policies, eliminating the unnecessary, and empowering employees. We pride ourselves in being a not-so-typical business. EPIC’s President, John Schott, would describe EPIC as the “un-corporation”. His goal for EPIC is to reduce the bureaucracy, to empower every employee to make decisions, and move projects forward. As a result, […]

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