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Multi-line vision systems

How We Support the Roll-Out of Multiple Vision Systems Across the Globe

EPIC often receives inquiries regarding our global roll-out programs for multi-line vision systems; vision systems that perform that same inspection but are installed at multiple locations around the globe. Potential clients and partners ask us, “How can a company in St. Louis effectively and consistently support the deployment of multiple vision systems across the world?” […]

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A vision integrator conducts FEE

Does Your Vision Integrator Follow These 6 Crucial Steps?

When discussing the proper steps for machine vision integration, famous words by Benjamin Franklin ring true – “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” With a machine vision market that is fraught with cheap, unreliable camera inspection solutions, it’s crucial to understand the steps that a trustworthy vision integrator takes to provide you with […]

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Vision Systems

What Are Automated Vision Systems?

What are automated vision systems? What capabilities do they have and should you consider investing in one? Automated vision systems, also known as machine vision systems, provide image-based inspection for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. A smart camera that has been calibrated to perform specific inspections automatically examines products as they flow down […]

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A machine vision integrator runs inspection tests in EPIC's machine vision lab

3 Reasons You Need a Vision Integrator, Not a Vendor

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re already familiar with the benefits of machine vision systems to the manufacturing and packaging industries. When properly designed, automated vision inspection systems allow for higher speeds of inspection, greater inspection efficiency and more accurate pass/fail rates. The important phrase to note here is “properly designed.” Plenty of […]

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EPIC Vision Engineer Programs the vision system

Ask an Expert: Experience with Machine Vision Systems Matters

Worried about what a defect found in your product could do to your brands’ image? Consumer voices are more powerful than ever – especially on social media – which means every defect poses a serious risk to your brand image. Vision systems can make sure defective products never leave your plant, but not all vision […]

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OCR solution

Planning Your High-Speed Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

As a manufacturer in industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, automotive or consumer goods, have you ever experienced common issues like typographical errors, incorrect date codes, misprints and other print related defects? Flaws such as these diminish the reputation of a brand, and inhibit the ability to achieve traceability and package compliance. In addition, these flaws […]

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Vision system testing

Part Deux: What’s Happening in EPIC’s Vision System Lab

Are you interested in a machine vision system to help with quality control at your manufacturing plant? Chances are we have engineered systems similar to your upcoming project. Below you will find the second part of “What’s Happening in EPIC’s Vision System Lab,” which highlights vision applications we are currently working with. If you missed the […]

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Industrial Machine Vision System for a Custom Machine

What’s Happening In EPIC’s Industrial Machine Vision Lab

Planning a vision project? Wondering if EPIC has experience similar to your application? From wrinkled label feasibility testing to sub-millimeter defect inspection, our engineers are always testing or engineering an array of vision applications. Read on to see highlights of what is happening in our industrial machine vision lab… Wrinkled Label Inspection Feasibility Testing Our […]

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global rollouts of vision systems

Going on the “First Date” With a Machine Vision Engineer

When you have a vision application, how should that first conversation “go” with a machine vision engineer? You might ask yourself similar questions before going on a first date? What do I need to bring? What will we talk about? How much is dinner going to be? When calling EPIC for the first time there […]

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