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OmniView Vision Technology

EPIC’s machine vision engineers have recently been working with a technology called OmniView from Cognex. OmniView uses four or five stationary cameras to achieve one complete image of 360 degrees of an object. It eliminates the need to spin parts in order to inspect them, and is a less expensive solution in many cases. The Cognex […]

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The New Integration Landscape

(Source: Harmonizing Line Integration by Line integration has changed over the years. It’s not just about making several machines work together through controls and mechanical adjustments.  New technologies such as machine vision and robotics have made more possible with less, but have also created new challenges for automation experts. New emphasis on line efficiency analysis, demands for validation assistance and […]

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Machine Vision App Store

The App Store from Apple allowed people from all over the world to share applications with each other, creating a database of easily accessibly tools, games and programs for Apple users. Many have followed in Apple’s footsteps, with application databases for everything from phones and tablets to Internet browsers and computer desktops. It seems that […]

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At EPIC Automation, every practical, beneficial and cost-efficient automation solution we develop is based upon industry research and trends.  Before any design or development takes place, our engineers take the time to research and gain a thorough understanding of the process.  In October of 2011, Bill Lydon, Editor of wrote an article called “PLC […]

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Quick History of Machine Vision

Machine Vision is a branch of computer science that has really grown over the last 20 years to become an important feature of manufacturing. Today machine vision systems provide greater flexibility and further automation options to manufacturer’s, helping to find defects, sort products and complete a number of tasks faster and more efficiently than humans […]

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“Kinect”-ing With Your Production Line

HOW GAMING TECHNOLOGY WILL CHANGE MANUFACTURING The gaming world has been revolutionized by games that track a player’s natural body movements and translates them into the virtual environment. By using gesture and voice recognition, gaming consoles such as the Xbox Kinect allow players to kick a ball, shoot an arrow, and actively participate in the […]

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3D Machine Vision on your iPhone?

3D machine vision technology is certainly not a new concept, but holding it in the palm of your hand is. A new iPhone App allows users to detect patterns of light reflected off a face to build a true 3-D model. Though it’s not quite machine vision, it certainly is the first step in the […]

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Customizing CADworks for EPIC

Recently Kyle McCormick and Wayne Jasper participated in a CADworks workshop put on by ECE engineering. The biggest takeaway? CADworks is moving towards platforms that allow engineers to customize the program to their needs. For example, a design engineer at EPIC can make customized templates that can be saved into CADworks and repeatedly used. Kyle […]

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Five Factors to Consider When Finding a Vision System

Whether inspecting the sanitary packaging of consumable goods to monitoring the sealant in batteries, vision technology is increasingly being used in almost every single manufacturing industry imaginable. Machine vision is used today to accurately control the quality of your final goods, guide your robotic machines or add track-ability to improve your manufacturing process. Take a […]

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EPIC Systems, Inc. Launches Blog!

In order to better serve the engineering and manufacturing communities, EPIC Systems, Inc. has launched a blog. Our blog will serve as an industry resource to help keep you informed of the trends occurring throughout different sectors of engineering and manufacturing. We’ll also provide you with a look at some of our projects, past and present. […]

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