Planning Your High-Speed Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

by | EPIC Machine Vision

As a manufacturer in industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, automotive or consumer goods, have you ever experienced common issues like typographical errors, incorrect date codes, misprints and other print related defects? Flaws such as these diminish the reputation of a brand, and inhibit the ability to achieve traceability and package compliance. In addition, these flaws increase the risk of recalls.

Optical character recognition (OCR) vision systems can help alleviate these types of issues and minimize the risk of recalls. OCR vision systems are utilized by manufacturers across several industries for a wide variety of products. There are various reasons this type of system is beneficial to manufacturers. A product’s quality assurance, compliance with FDA regulations, export/import regulation compliance, and reducing or alleviating risks, are just a few of these reasons.

A qualified vision system engineer will plan and properly integrate specified hardware and software components into an automated vision system that helps you accomplish your manufacturing goals. Reducing or eliminating failed quality checks, product returns and recalls allows for improved brand recognition. OCR vision systems can be very beneficial to your operation, if you keep the following factors in mind:

  • Processing Time
  • TDI Line Scan Cameras
  • False-Fail Challenges
  • Hardware Platforms
  • Software Solutions
  • Integrator Assistance

Chris Walker, Senior Project Manager for Vision Systems at EPIC Systems, Inc. recently published an article in Vision Design about Factors to Consider when planning an OCR vision system. For help planning, designing or integrating a custom vision inspection system, contact EPIC today: 314-806-1678

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