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EPIC Machine Vision Capabilities

Machine Vision Data Collection

Do you need to log key machine vision data to improve line operations or track products? EPIC’s engineers develop comprehensive solutions based upon your needs. Implementing machine vision data collection requires a depth of knowledge attained from working with vision technology and data systems at all levels in-plant.

EPIC can configure data collection methods to gather key machine vision inspection statistics such as:

  • Color InspectionNumber of parts inspected
  • Measurement precision
  • Defects detected
  • False pass rates or false fail rates
  • Part variation rates


  • QA Systems
  • MES or SAP systems
  • Relational databases including Oracle and SQL Servers
  • Upper-level reporting systems
  • Custom applications

We implement protection and backup strategies as required ensuring you have the necessary machine vision inspection system information available to make crucial manufacturing decisions. Our vision systems accept configuration providing the ability to make changes to setup parameters directly from the operator interface. Data collection unlocks the ability to increase production quality, accuracy and efficiency while reducing costs.

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