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EPIC Machine Vision Capabilities

Operator Interface Development

Intuitive controls, simplicity of use and consistent outputs are the major features of a great operator interface. EPIC uses a proprietary Maintenance Program and exceptional operator interface design standards. You receive more capabilities through your OI, in an intuitive and easy-to-use system.

EPIC provides vision systems that allow you to customize, access from multiple locations and easily configure for a complete automation solution.

EPIC’s EVS Utility Maintenance Application

mv-hmiProprietary to EPIC, EVS Utility is a maintenance application, written by our talented engineers to provide a number of functions unique to vision systems. EVS includes the ability to:

  • Access programmable control functions
  • Configure the operator interface on the vision system itself, including:
    • Load or saving jobs
    • Image loading or saving
    • Editing viewing preferences, all from the interface
  • Connect to multiple cameras at once

Many other proprietary capabilities only found in an EPIC Vision System. Contact a vision engineer to learn more.


Depending on your control system and hardware preferences, operator interface platforms can range from small LCD-based display units to full-function, personal computers. At EPIC, we’ll work with you to develop an operator interface platform that most efficiently meets the long-term manufacturing objectives. An EPIC Operator Interface means:

  • Graphics are kept simple
  • Navigation and hierarchy are logical
  • Templates are consistent
  • Color conventions are applied consistently
  • Trending, pointing and zooming capabilities are included in the standard system
  • Alarm and alert indications are masked until conditions exist
  • Screen clutter is minimized
  • Access to camera details, controls, job status options, saving and viewing images is easy and intuitive



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