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EPIC Machine Vision Capabilities

Machine Vision System Design

Lighting, angles, camera positioning and line integration is essential to the success of your vision system. Arrangement development and integration is a crucial service that should be evaluated from the concept stage of your project. A machine vision expert can vastly improve your process with the proper positioning plan and engineering technique.

Our vision experts use proven testing strategies to find the optimal arrangement for your vision lights, cameras, brackets and lenses. We provide faster and more reliable vision systems over traditional off-the-shelf machine vision offering by customizing the layout of your vision solution to match your specific plant layout.

Each aspect is a critical piece that can either make or break vision system success and sustained machine functionality. We ensure all of the following are properly arranged and fully tested:

Vision Solutions

  • Lighting
  • Cameras
  • Software and hardware
  • Manufacturing environments
  • Operator interfaces
  • Spectrums


Proper lighting is often the most important part of a machine vision system. Even the most expensive camera is unable to see the critical details if the light source on the system does not create a high quality, high contrast image.

EPIC configures systems for proper lighting that are unique to each application. Our experts haveextensive experience in custom designed light sources and enclosures for machine vision systems where an ideal light source was not readily available.


EPIC’s engineers take the time to fully understand the size, type and variety of defects involved in the inspection application. We do not simply buy the most popular cameras available. Instead, we select technologies that match your specific needs and conduct a competitive pricing strategy to find the best cameras at the best price.

In order to strategically select the proper camera we analyze:

  • Frame rates
  • Part rates
  • Conveyor speeds
  • Processor speeds
  • Pixel resolution
  • Field of view

Using the proper machine vision strategy paves the way for customization as well as consistency throughout the completion of your vision system. Check out our turnkey vision system design process or contact an engineer today to start designing your custom solution.



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