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Machine Vision Case Studies

High Definition Line Scan Imagery Machine

line-scan-machineA company approached EPIC to design a custom vision system that would deliver high definition images of product details to determine the defaults and defects of specific product batches.

CLIENT: A Fortune 500 company


    • PLC based system
    • Integrated control system
    • Monitor with Lab View programming
    • Revolving conveyor belt driven by servo drive motor
    • 2D Cognex barcode scanner for identifying batch of products being inspected
    • Fully integrated 2K color line scan cameras for high resolution of cylindrical products
    • Notification lights
    • Operator emergency stops
    • Product chute with dual door access


    • Custom vision machine to show detailed images at high speeds
    • Line must accurately identify product batches for identification
    • Lab view software correctly displaying 2K product images and filing batch images properly

EPIC Systems recommended an efficient option for advanced 2K imagery and product batch identification.

EPIC’s Proven Solution

EPIC designed, fabricated and integrated a state-of-the-art 2K line scan imagery machine, exceeding the expectations of the fortune 500 company. With the high demands and requirement for each image passing through the servo powered product line, EPIC delivered a system that showcases detailed product imagery with the highest resolution available. Product batches are first scanned in using the 2D Cognex barcode for proper identification. The cylindrical products are then placed on the conveyor, to start the vision imagery process the operator then uses the pressure activated start button. As product batches are places on the servo conveyor and continuously processed down line by the operator, the 2K line scan cameras are activated and the high resolution images appear on the HMI monitor that is programmed with lab view technology. The PLC based system then sends the identified batches down the product chute where it is then collected again by the operator.


    • The client now has a fully functioning batch identification system that provides high resolution images that showcase the qualities and defects of grouped products
    • Fully automated vision system  for a uniquely shaped products that allows the company to have a higher QA protocol over competitors.
    • With this high definition image conveyor, product inspection experts can be sent detailed images of product batches to examine as if there are on location, eliminating the need for them to visit every manufacturing facility


EPIC provided expert insight during the design, automation and start-up process. Because of EPIC’s global machine vision experience we able to recommend the correct custom parts and provide the batch identification and high resolution imagery that the client was looking for.

The EPIC Difference includes several key features that assure a projects success:

    • Front-End Engineering to ensure that the proper steps are taken during project scope development
    • Plant engineering experience that assists clients to identify needs, pinpoint objectives and provide the most appropriate manufacturing equipment for the application
    • Open door client policy to promote innovation. We invite clients to visit EPIC to experiment with new processes, technologies and techniques that push the limits of traditional engineering.
    • Accountability to responsibly manage our clients’ projects from start-to-finish and beyond.
    • A transfer of knowledge (not just a basic training) for the systems and equipment we provide
    • Single point of direct contact during the entirety of the project
    • State-of-the-art shop which decreases down-time and increases the speed of project completion

Find a solution that is right for your company. Contact EPIC or learn more about other custom vision systems.

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