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Machine Vision Case Studies

Standardized OCV/OCR Machine Vision Systems by EPIC

EPIC has a standard Optical Character Verification/Recognition (OCV/OCR) inspection system that we have deployed across several client’s applications.  This system can be used to inspect codes, artwork, and various label defects on products up to speeds of 1800 parts per minute. Applications ranging from a web inspection system to a can/bottle inspection and other consumer sized packaging systems can benefit.

Client: Multiple

Industry: Any using consumer sized packaging

Key Features of Standardized OCV/OCR Machine Vision Systems:

  • Character verification – reading print patterns such as:
    • SKU’s
    • Date and lot code verification
    • Artwork cutoff verification
    • Flaws in character size
    • Aspect ratio defects
    • Linear and non-linear wavy distortions
  • Character recognition – identifying specific text and artwork
    • Ingredient verification
    • Barcode & date code verification
    • 2D & 3D matrix verification
    • Allergen information
    • Expiration date code verification
  • Adapt to the way printers print onto products, verifying the quality and accuracy of labeling
  • Identify repeated poor print patterns
  • Works up to speeds of 1800 ppm depending on the application

Examples of Challenges This System Can Address:

  • Highly Accurate Labeling/Date-Coding Requirements: Products with inaccurate date codes, labels, ingredient information that cannot be allowed to pass verification, or they would not meet quality control & regulatory standards will exceed expectations with these automated inspections.
  • Tough-to-Read Label Verification Applications — Oddly angled products, poor lighting conditions, dense labeling or artwork issues, can be still be inspected at high speeds.
  • High Throughput and Rapid Speeds with Low Error Rates — Our standard OCV/OCR solution is easily adjusted for your application to ensure low false failure rates so that correctly labeled products are not accidently rejected
  • A Standardized Solution for Multiple Plants — these systems are routinely rolled out across multiple plants within the same company, including international locations. No matter where they are installed in the world, these standard OCV/OCR systems deliver the same performance and offer you cost savings on multiples.

An Example Solution (OCV Inspection)

EPIC designed and built more than 15 machine vision systems for label and date-code inspection capable of read rates greater than 1000 inspections per minute. This complete web inspection system provided reliable verification of hard-to-read product date codes printed on the tops of cans.

Using a collaborative process that started with listening to the client and gathering custom requirements, EPIC’s specialized engineers designed and delivered an exceptional, standardized and easy-to-maintain OCV system. Cognex FlexOCV technology handles run-to-run print variation and achieves high read rates. Our standard text verification systems apply strict font libraries that allow for minimal print variation. Even hard-to-read codes with wavy features and minor distortions were understood and inspected. Eight CPU cores were used for parallel processing to deliver rapid inspection.

Bringing decades of experience in machine vision systems, EPIC engineers provided a vision system fully capable of anticipating print patterns on cans to detect date codes and labels with flaws, aspect ratio defects and linear — even wavy distortion.

An intuitive touchscreen interface allows operators to freeze on failed product codes. When products fail inspection, the full expected code is displayed on-screen with failing code in red to denote errors and passing characters in green.

Easily accessible reporting with recent failed inspections provides operators with information on poor print patterns. And offline inspection settings provide various setup parameters, allowing operators to adjust vision quality requirements, with access secured and password protected.

Impact: Web Inspection System Example

  • 15 standardized machine vision systems implemented in the client’s facilities around the globe within six months
  • Accurate, reliable date code and label verification using OCV technology
  • High-speed throughput of 1,000 inspections per minute
  • A standardized, easy-upkeep web inspection system the client’s staff could maintain
  • The elimination of improperly labeled products leaving the plant, and a low false failure rate that prevented unnecessary product waste
  • A quick way to identify and correct patterns in mis-labeling or printing
  • Total support from EPIC’s experienced engineers as needed

If you are interested in learning more about our standard OCV/OCR inspection system, please contact EPIC to speak with an engineer about your OCV project or call 314-714-1580.

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