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Start-Up & Support

Vision Start-UpEPIC Machine Vision will guide the successful start-up of your machine vision system on-site at your manufacturing facility. Because EPIC pre-assembles most machine vision equipment inside our shop, we conduct full factory acceptance and functional system testing before safely shipping systems to the plant. Mechanical and electrical installation requirements are planned prior to system arrival and EPIC’s engineers supervise all installation on-site at the plant. Cameras and equipment is fastened to the production line and configured with software systems. Controls’ programming as well as support for in-plant controls programmers is provided to ensure that vision signals are integrated correctly to the production line.

EPIC’s engineers will again test all camera inspection programs once on-site to ensure that the new vision system is performing properly and that the requirements for defect size and inspection pass or fail performance rates are met once installed. Machine vision start-up with an experienced vision engineer guarantees software and hardware configurations maximize the opportunity for long-term success. With EPIC, the engineer that designs your system will also perform the installation, startup and continued support thus providing the full understanding of the vision system far beyond start-up.


At EPIC, we understand that manufacturing projects often have punch list items that will need to be resolved to declare successful start-up. If punch list issues arise, EPIC is committed to fully resolving all conflicts discovered during the commissioning process. If environmental issues that were previously unknown become apparent during startup, EPIC’s engineers have the experience to adapt to these varying circumstances and will work to make necessary improvements to hardware and inspection algorithms to maximize system performance. Once your machine vision application has been fully checked out and validated, all corresponding documentation is turned over.


EPIC Vision Solutions will train your plant operators and maintenance personnel how to use the machine vision equipment and corresponding interfaces. We continue to support systems long after start-up and if subsequent visits are required, EPIC’s engineers will get to your site as soon as possible to perform repairs or maintenance. The team at EPIC is always available by phone to answer questions or guide maintenance and engineering personnel in troubleshooting efforts to keep your American Manufacturing processes Moving Forward.

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