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Global Vision System Rollouts

EPIC takes turnkey responsibility for your global rollouts by standardizing systems, guaranteeing ship-dates, and adhering to all domestic and international guidelines for your global rollouts. We develop repeatable solutions, tested in one facility and rolled out nation-wide or worldwide.

Designing vision systems that fit varying set-ups, local standards and staff without redesign is our specialty. Standardization means consistent inspection programs, mechanical setup, electrical components, and system controls. No matter how many systems you ship or where they end up in the world, EPIC Vision Systems perform to the highest standards.

Contact one of our machine vision experts today, or read about some of our recent global rollouts below.

Six continents have seen an EPIC system installed

EPIC has installed machine vision inspection systems in 17 countries around the world.

Optical Character Verification (OCV) Systems for Snack Foods

snack food vision inspection system



This vision system is designed to be an on-line vision inspection system. It uses customized PC software, with Optical Character Verification (OCV) technology, to inspect and verify the correct code and the quality and legibility of the can date code characters. The OVC vision system uses PLC logic, an encoder and a high speed pneumatic rejector to track and reject cans that fail inspection.

CLIENT: Fortune 500 Food & Beverage Company

INDUSTRY: Food Processing


America (multiple locations), Belgium, Poland, Malaysia


  • PC with FlexOCV Vision Software
  • HMI for product selection, defect monitoring and real-time image display
  • PLC and Encoder to track cans that fail inspection
  • High speed Pneumatic rejection system


  • Achieve a .03 false failure rate on a line running 1000 cans/minute
  • Design a vision system for easy installation and maintenance
  • Provide method for maintenance technician to add new Date Code Formats

Automated Continuous Web Inspection Systems:

A line scan inspection was designed to perform on a continuous web production line. The machine vision system was engineered to identify rejects at 1,000+ parts per minute. The inspections are periodically updated to handle new materials and design features. Over 100 systems installed worldwide.

CLIENT:  Fortune 500 Consumer Products Company

INDUSTRY: Homecare products


America (multiple plants), Europe (several countries), Asia (several countries), Northern Africa


  • Cognex line scan vision system with Ethernet/IP and OPC Communications
  • Continuous improvements to reduce scrap rates and further increase product reliability
  • High inspection rate (1,000+ parts per minute)
  • Reliable reject identification and rejection
  • Multiple camera inspection locations along a web
  • 100+ installations
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