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EPIC Vision Systems

More than a camera. Proven Vision Systems that Work.

Overview of EPIC's vision system development process

Do you need to improve accuracy and speed of quality assurance checks, defect detection, process parameters, or code verification? We are vision specialists, focused solely on providing excellently designed, programmed and fully automated systems that can be relied upon. Unfortunately, due to poor design, too many vision systems in the world today don’t deliver the necessary performance. Worse yet, many systems are just disabled. Complete vision systems from EPIC are tailored to address your specific needs and deliver the best achievable pass/fail rates and reduced liability.

EPIC is a good fit for your application if you need:

  • A customized solution
  • A high degree of precision (measurement and gauging)
  • High speed/high production rate applications
  • Stringent pass/fail rates
  • High degree of repeatability (GRR)
  • High quality, purpose built systems with a long life, low maintenance, and high reliability
  • Detailed and documented system designs that can be repeated to multiple lines and/or plant locations

EPIC is NOT who are looking for if you want:

  • A quick, cheap solution
  • Only a camera or equipment components with no programming or engineered design
  • A very simple application for the do-it-yourselfer
  • A specific system for which another company already has a low-cost vision package

We are not an OEM in that we don’t manufacture cameras or robotic arms, but we do integrate those items into complete systems that we deliver to you as a turnkey system. We are also not a giant, impersonal company. Our team is large enough to cover a wide array vision applications, and offer a broad range of experience and capability. But part of The EPIC Approach is to provide one-on-one service and build long term partnership with our clients. We are not generalists like some large automation integrators. Some OEM or integrators have a person or two that knows how to add a camera to a packaging line like adding fries to your combo. But EPIC has a team of experts that specialize in customizing vision designs and inspection programming.

To get the most out of your vision system, proper equipment selection, integration, and programming must be customized for your unique inspection requirements and manufacturing environment. Lighting, controls, cameras, optics must all be carefully selected. Once assembled, systems must be programmed, calibrated and fully tested prior to installation. At EPIC, these features are combined with a carefully designed user interface for flexibility and operator ease of use. Onsite support includes installation supervision, in-plant check out, programming, commissioning, and user training.

Global Solutions & Rollouts   

EPIC excels at designing systems with the intent of creating a standard package to roll-out across multiple manufacturing lines and/or plant sites. Whether you need two units or 200 units, you need each system to operate the same way, to perform equally well, and be simple to maintain. EPIC project managers have the expertise to design and implement roll-out packages for repeat installations. Many of our vision systems have been designed for national and global rollouts. Contact one of our machine vision engineers for project examples.

Industries Served

Experience in both sanitary & industrial applications.


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EPIC Vision Systems
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