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Machine Vision Industries


EPIC’s machine vision engineers have experience inspecting a variety products related to the agricultural industry. We have executed multiple unique projects from inspecting ears of corn to locating bung holes for a hazardous chemical fill.

Common types of agricultural vision systems used in the industry can include, but are not limited to:

Agriculture Vision System

  • Fill level inspection: ensure that the product meets the fill standards set by the manufacturer
  • Part measurement: used to measure one or multiple elements of a part/s
  • Counting systems: verifies a number related to product in a production line

A sample of agricultural products we work with include:

  • Crops
  • 55 Gallon drums
  • Totes
  • Livestock

Machinery  The agricultural industry lends itself to a variety of unique applications. No matter the application, call our vision engineers today to discuss the viability of inspecting your agricultural process.

Selected Agriculture Vision System Case Study:

Fully Automated Agricultural 55 Gallon Drum Filling System
Our client needed to fill empty 55 gallon drums strapped together in sets of four with an agricultural chemical at 180° F. The heat and hazardous nature of the chemical was a risk to workers handling the drums manually. EPIC vision engineers worked closely with EPIC’s line integration team to take the packaging fill line from design to start-up. The final line included a dual camera vision system that allowed for a completely hands-free filling process. The integrated vision system provided automated tool guidance for the removal of caps and ability to adjust for the varied orientations of each of the drum openings.

Key Features: Fully automated, vision guidance, hands free bulk packaging system/ increased efficiency and worker safety, automated systems to pressure-leak-test each drum, remove caps, and mark defective drums, custom filling machine, label application, automated marking system, complete and correct individual machine programming and full line automation

Click here for the full case study

To find out if your application can be inspected using an agricultural vision system contact our vision specialists today.

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