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Automated Inspection Solutions for Consumer Products Manufacturers

Complete Solutions Ready to Protect Your Products & Profits

Protect product quality while supporting production by eliminating scrap, labor and holds with EPIC vision solutions for consumer products. From household to personal care products, EPIC has the right experience to make your system more efficient and profitable. Areas of production that benefit from automated inspection include:

  • Product quality
  • Packaging integrity
  • Labeling accuracy
  • Product assembly
  • Traceability
  • Scrap reduction
  • Elimination of product holds
  • Compliance
  • Safety

EPIC’s team of machine vision experts improve your production and packaging systems by decreasing scrap through detection of imperfect or mislabeled products and can feature a system with traceability through product quality reviews and data analysis.

  • Artwork inspection – verifies the correct artwork is present on product packaging
  • Fill level verification – ensures products or packages are properly filled missing cap inspections, spill and seal inspections are also available
  • Label Inspection – may verify proper label orientation, lot/date codes, ingredients listed or label integrity on your product on product packaging
  • Web inspection: detects irregularities in webbed material such as holes, tears, rips, bumps or irregular forming.

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Get EPIC Results

When you buy an EPIC Vision system, you get a complete solution that arrives at your facility pre-tested on your products at production rates and ready to plug-in and inspect. Instead of sinking time into figuring out the right camera, the right angles, and how to integrate all the inspection pieces together, you can rely on our 25 years of experience designing vision systems and spend your time elsewhere.

Every EPIC vision system:

  • Is designed to minimize line downtime, scrap and labor
  • Delivers a high lifetime value and is designed for 10+ years of successful operation
  • Comes pre-assembled on it’s own stand that is designed to maintain optimal inspection conditions
  • Gets fully integrated into your existing controls for seamless product changeover
  • Inspects at 99%+ accuracy
  • Does not require operator adjustments helping maintain inspection accuracy
  • Stops defects within a few products

Examples of Custom EPIC Vision Solutions for Consumer Products Customers

Product Holds Eliminated & Drastic Reduction in Scrap Achieved with Automated Defect Inspection

A custom EPIC defect inspection system finds defects as small as 30 microns on 2 inch parts on a high speed line (600 parts per minute). Correctly identifying these defects at a highly repeatable rate for hundreds of products a minute allowed the manufacturer to eliminate a mandatory three-day product hold for all products, drastically reduce scrap product, and improve the facilities predictive maintenance capabilities while simultaneously reducing maintenance staff workload.

A custom vision inspection machine engineered by EPIC

Empty Tote Verification System Reduces Scrap and Improves Product Quality

A consumer products company needed to verify totes used during production were truly empty of small parts before new parts were filled into the container. The totes were used before the packaging area, so previously lingering parts could lead to an entire tote needing to be scrapped or incorrect products finding their way into packages not meant for them. Using a laser and a vision system, EPIC was able to create an in-line solution that did not slow down the production line but ensured products were filled into empty totes only.

Spills and Scrap Reduced with Sprayer-to-Bottle Mating Inspection

A redesigned filling line for a cleaning product included a unique spray cap design and bottle shape. The high speed filler output hundreds of filled bottles per minute, with spray caps mated to bottles in the filler. Incorrectly mated sprayers-to-bottles were causing spillage and leaks in cardboard boxes before and during shipment. With an automated vision system from EPIC, the client was able to eliminate spillage and scrap and ensure boxes and surrounding bottles were not spoiled in transit.

jug CPG packaging inspection

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