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Chris Walker

Chris WalkerCredentials

Chris Walker received his Bachelor of Science in Physics and a minor in Mathematics from Calvin College. His credentials include:

Specific Experience in: 

  • 3D Vision Automation
  • Camera Calibration
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Lasers and Optics
  • PLC  and SCADA Programming
  • Process Control

Most Challenging Vision System Projects

  • Sealant Inspection: “My team inspected sealant inside a tube using a vision system set up with three cameras. The sealant displayed glare, which was blocking the camera’s ability to verify a complete seal.   I developed what I call a “Tri-Dent Filter” to reduce the glare using an unusual geometry of polarizing films.”
  • Feature Detection on a Rotating Object: “We used Optical Flow Tracking through the Lucas-Kanade method. This algorithm allowed our team to track a very faint feature on a rotating object.”
  • Camera Calibration:  “Camera Position Calibration with 3D Transform Matrices provided the exact camera location relative to the object under inspection. This allowed us to transform real-world object space to image space for our measurement technique.”
  • 3D Machine Vision:  “My team used SICK 3D Vision for defect inspection and measurement of a small object in 3D space.”

Professional Motivation

Chris loves challenges and designing systems, playing with the hardware and optics, and implementing and executing difficult mathematics.  “I also like the variety in my present occupation – managing a project from start to finish.”

Personal Interests

When he is not solving complex engineering problems he is writing for his tech blog. He also branched out of his comfort zone by studying Mandarin Chinese.

EPIC Vision Systems
4134 Meramec Bottom Rd
St. Louis, MO 63129, US