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Machine Vision Systems

Industrial Machine Vision Systems

Does your facility need to improve product quality or reduce product cost? EPIC industrial machine vision systems provides solutions to improve your manufacturing objectives. An EPIC vision solution maximizes inspection capabilities, delivering superior pass/fail rates and efficiencies over out-of-the-box solutions. From custom packaging inspections to process feedback applications, our engineers design, program and customize a vision solution that’s right for you.

defect-inspection-systemsDefect Inspection Systems

Catch and resolve product, packaging, or surface defects in real time with automated defect inspection systems from EPIC Vision Systems. We provide turnkey defect detection systems, giving you confidence in the  quality of product coming off of your production line.

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Custom Packaging InspectionVision Packaging Line

Limit the false reject rate and meet the exact quality and standards needed for your product. EPIC works with you to perfect your production rate, eliminate recall risk and improve overall quality for distributor compliance and end user satisfaction. Our engineers help you decide the proper design and fabrication for your complex application inspection.

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Print & Code Inspection SystemsBar Code Reader

Damaged or incorrect labels can hurt the reputation of your products and increase liability. EPIC will help you meet the safety and regulatory requirements for your application. Dramatically decrease wasted product and packaging with accurate, consistent date/codes. Our vision experts have extensive experience in applications such as: date & lot codes, data matrix, QR codes & bar codes, print quality, and ingredient readers.

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Custom Web InspectionMachine Vision System

Are you concerned about tears, holes, improper webbing, or missing/defective features on your line? EPIC custom designs and fabricates part inspection vision systems that will protect your product quality.

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Custom Tolerance MeasurementPart Inspection

Do you need precise, accurate, calibrated measurements of your manufactured components? An integrated part inspection vision system ensures product quality, repeatable production standards, and can reveal valuable process information. Industries such as: automotive, pharmaceutical, plastics, food & beverage, and more have upgraded their quality of production by using EPIC’s machine vision team.

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Process Control Vision Systems

Be proactive instead of reactive in determining flaws in your process. Achieve a flawless process line with an industrial vision system with customized process control. Our machine vision systems allow for real time monitoring of continuous processes for a wide range of industries.

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Additional Machine Vision Systemsvision-fab1

Our machine vision engineers can develop custom inspection systems to revolutionize your product line or improve your entire plant. We work in a wide array of industries and often build unique solutions to improve your process, product or packaging. Contact an EPIC Vision Expert to discuss your specific application.

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