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Machine Vision Systems

Custom Inspection Systems

Do you need an inspection solution that is unlike anything else mentioned on this site? Many of EPIC’s turnkey vision systems fit in their own category. We can help you solve your unique manufacturing challenge with a custom vision system:


  • Custom Machine Vision Consulting:Machinery on a production line can have key features that affect the machine vision system.  Before a camera system can be designed, a machine may need to be customized or designed to handle the parts.
  • Thermal Inspection:  IR cameras can be used to measure temperature, parts or materials.
  • Multiple Camera Inspection: Inspect parts or products from multiple angles simultaneously and integrate multiple fields of view to provide a single result for the inspected part.
  • Structured Lighting:Use of lasers, lines or patterned light can accentuate product features unapparent with uniform lighting.
  • 3D Vision: Laser triangulation and stereoscopic systems can be used to measure products in multiple dimensions.

Cylindrical Object: Line scan or multi camera technology, such as Omniview by Cognex, can be utilized to unwrap and inspect cylinders as a flat object.

Selected Case Studies

Fully Automated 55 Gallon Drum Fill System

Our client needed to fill empty 55 gallon drums strapped together in sets of four with a chemical mixture at 180° Fahrenheit. The heat and nature of the chemical posed a risk to workers handling the drums by hand. EPIC vision engineers worked closely with EPIC’s line integration team to take the packaging fill line from design to start-up. The final line included a dual camera vision system that allowed for a completely hands-free filling process. The integrated vision system provided automated tool guidance for the removal of caps and ability to adjust for the varied orientations of each of the drum openings.

Key features: Fully automated, vision guidance, hands free bulk packaging system/ increased efficiency and worker safety, automated systems to pressure-leak-test each drum, remove caps, and mark defective drums, custom filling machine, label application, automated marking system, complete and correct individual machine programming and full line automation

Read full case study.

Laser Illuminated Verification System

Utilizing real time package inspection techniques, our client can verify the absence of
products before filling plastic totes again. They did not want to make any major changes to their existing line.

EPIC’s project managers used a simple laser solution to solve the customer’s complex production line parameters. Often a technically advanced camera solution has difficulty with absence/ presence. Laser illuminated methods are not affected by color, object position, object size or product orientation. The system detects surface flatness, and fails the tote when the surface has present objects and is “not flat”. More Machine Vision Consulting…

Key Features: Turnkey laser illuminated camera system with high speed processor programmed and integrated for object detection, laser lockout unit for maintenance safety, PLC controls fully integrated with camera/laser system, faster to program and install, simple to maintain, saved customer time and money

Tote Laser Vision

Why EPIC Machine Vision? 

Do you have a great idea that doesn’t exist? Or do you need an inspection solution that is unlike anything else mentioned on this site. We can turn your idea into a machine vision reality. Not only can we design the camera system, we can develop and build the custom machine necessary to complete the solution.

Just as our clients have demanding applications that are one-of-a-kind, many of EPIC’s turnkey vision systems fit in their own category. EPIC engineers will design hardware arrangements and software packages to suit the needs of nearly any machine vision application. EPIC can:

  • Develop new inspection methods for your manufacturing plant
  • Deliver on all machine vision consulting needs
  • Replace older inspection techniques, such as photoeyes or manual sampling
  • Integrate image-based inspections with custom machines (in many different forms)
  • Create standard packages of systems for roll-out across several manufacturing plants and repeat installations
  • Revamp existing vision systems to eliminate problems or upgrade detection abilities.

Machine Vision Consulting

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