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Machine Vision Systems

Defect Inspection Systems

Are you frustrated when a mistake is found in your product or packaging, resulting in long product hold times and/or wasted time and effort? Catch and resolve product, packaging, or surface defects in real time with automated defect inspection systems from EPIC Vision Systems. Have confidence that good products are coming off your line defect inspection systemswith proven vision systems from EPIC. We provide turnkey defect detection systems for the following:

  • Packaging Defects – wrinkle detection, label placement verification, torn or ripped labels, damaged packaged, misprinted packaging, missing caps, broken seals or poor seals, misshapen packaging, missing packaging, cap defects, tilted caps, cap seating inspection, package tampering, leakage detection.
  • Part Defects – broken parts, missing parts, damaged parts, misshapen or malformed products, scratched or dented parts, wrong component detection, part verification, correct tooling verification
  • Surface Defects – color detection, texture verification, scratch and dent detection, surface deformities detection, absence/presence verification, surface finish inspection, perforation detection, tear and hole detection.
  • More – Contact EPIC at 314-714-1580 to discuss your specific application and learn more about other applications not listed.

Case Studies: Proven Defect Inspection Systems

automotive canister defect inspectionSingle Camera 360 Degree Surface defect detection of Automotive Canisters

Inspecting close to 1000 parts per minute, this vision system uses a single high-speed camera to inspect automotive canisters in random orientation.  The canisters packaging is inspected for wrinkles, tears and dents, looking for flaws down to one millimeter. Every product on the line is inspected and defective products are rejected in real-time, greatly reducing product waste and product hold time.

Features: 360 degree canister inspection, single high-speed (200 frames/second) camera, defect detection down to one millimeter, product reject, labview PC based inspection



defect label inspectionLabel Inspection and Barcode Evaluation for Children’s Consumable Product

Barcode verification for correct product labeling was required on a high speed juice bottling line for a children’s consumable product.  The smart camera was integrated by our machine vision team to read the 2D bar code and verify the label was correct and present. The vision system allowed for internal label defect detection and prevents lots from being held back for labeling mistakes.

Key Features: Vision system for FDA compliance, improved accuracy of the product, ability to easily reject incorrectly labeled products, cost and time saving


Why A Turnkey EPIC Machine Vision?

Many producers of consumer goods, food and beverage, pharmaceutical or medical producers are upgrading their production lines with machine vision validation for safety and regulatory requirements.

Wrinkled or incorrect labels and typographical errors can hurt the presentation and reputation of your product. Leaking, mislabeled and damaged products may be rejected by distributors or returned. Manual spot checks only inspect a fraction of products coming off your line, making defects harder to find and slower to catch.

With an automated defect inspection system every product is thoroughly inspected. Defective products are identified immediately and larger problems discovered quickly. Confidence that all products palletized are defect free is the result of a machine vision system addition to the line.

Contact a vision engineer today to get a quote for your proven defect detection system.

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