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Machine Vision Systems

Packaging Inspection Systems

Eliminate the Risk of Mislabeled Product & Easily Add or Change Products for Inspection

Through high-speed inspection of labels, artwork, and packaging codes, our inspection systems ensure the correct package is being filled and the correct label applied every time. Once the inspection system is installed, line operators can add hundreds of new product combinations to be inspected without needing an integrator using our auto-trainable software.

EPIC packaging inspection systems reduce product and packaging waste, save operating and maintenance costs, and improve the long-term sustainability of your brand. Our vision inspection systems are designed to be highly specific to your quality control needs and help:

  • A packaging inspection system conducts a bottle inspection in a production plantEnsure Future Quality – Rapidly adjust to evolving product portfolios with auto-trainable software that line operators can use to easily add new recipe/artwork/bottle combinations without a programmer/integrator.
  • Eliminate the Risk of Recall and Protect Your Brand – Our inspection systems can verify the correct product flavor is in the the correct packaging, the labeling and artwork are applied correctly, the ingredients are all listed accurately and not cut off or missing, and other common label, coding, and packaging defects are not present.
  • Reduce Waste – Stop throwing away falsely rejected packaged products and food with a vision inspection system capable of 99.97% inspection accuracy.
  • Improve Sustainability – Identify and fix steps in your packaging process that are damaging your food or product packaging.
  • Save Costs – Reduce operating and maintenance expenses by strategically rolling out robust, standardized systems across multiple plants and locations.

Our customers benefit from our many past successes designing high-speed packaging inspection systems for the world’s leading CPG and food manufacturing companies. While every plant is unique, the inspection tools and techniques we have developed across hundreds of jobs ensure stringent quality control measures are being met by every product leaving the plant.

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Packaging Inspection Challenges We’ve Solved

EPIC specializes in solving the most difficult packaging inspection problems. Click through the case studies below to learn how others have benefited from working with our engineers.

Auto-Trainable Vision System Ensures Quality for Future Product Combinations

An auto-trainable vision system allows line operators to add hundreds of new product combinations without the need for additional integration support. This minimizes long-term costs and helps the company stay competitive by allowing frequent additions and changes to their product mix.

When adding a new package/label/product combination, operators simply let the system know a new product is coming online for it’s first inspection. The inspection system uses the first 10 products to train the vision software on label/artwork/code combinations for both the front and back labels, and then inspects at full speed thereafter.

This system is highly accurate (meeting strict GMP practices for a fortune 100 consumer products company) and high-speed, inspecting hundreds of bottles per minute.

Automated Inspection Protects Brand Quality for a Syrup Manufacturer

A packaged food company hired EPIC to develop a high-speed packaging inspection system for their expanded bottled syrup line. This customer benefited from:

  • high-speed syrup bottle inspection systemReduced downtime while changing over product lines
  • Faster inspection of 20 different product labels
  • Flexible programming for future product line expansion

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Manufacturer Significantly Reduced Plastic Waste with Crushed Bottle Inspection

A home care products manufacturer hired EPIC to develop a vision inspection system that identifies crushed clear bottles. After working with EPIC, this customer was able to:

  • bottle inspection systemDrastically reduce the number of damaged products leaving the plant
  • Implement a robust, standard solution to a hard-to-detect defect in multiple plants
  • Reduce plastic waste by identifying process steps that were damaging good products

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Customer Frustrations Eliminated for Pressurized Dairy Product

A food and beverage client hired EPIC to develop a packaging inspection system to detect dents on pressurized canisters. The automated inspection system allowed this customer to:

  • can inspection systemImprove quality control of capping and seals
  • Reduce the explosion of cans, which previously caused production downtime
  • Minimized product quality complaints
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EPIC Packaging Inspection Systems

Vision Inspection Systems Engineers

We don’t manufacture cameras, lighting, or robotic arms. EPIC is a system integrator that engineers and manufactures complete inspection solutions that we deliver to you as a turnkey system. Our team of machine vision and automation engineers has diverse capabilities to cover a wide array of vision applications and offer a broad range of experience. Watch the video below to hear more about EPIC’s take on engineering vision inspection systems.

Types of Packaging Inspection Solutions

Under the “packaging inspection” umbrella are several specific types of automated inspections. Here are a few we commonly work with:

  • Bottle, Can and Case Inspection: Inspects for dents, defects, damage, holes, and creases for plastics, metals or glass
  • Packaging Inspection & Label Inspection: Inspect for wrinkles, position, skew, date codes, (OCR), damage, symbols, logo verification, and allergen text legibility
  • Cap & Seal Inspection: Examines molded features, missing caps, correct seals, crooked caps, high caps, or the correct color caps.
  • Color Inspection: Color camera applications and color verification

Turnkey Packaging Inspection System Design

Each of EPIC’s vision inspection systems is put through our turnkey design process. Below are the steps that we take to provide you with a packaging inspection system that is robust, reliable, and repeatable.

Concept Development

We develop your idea and fill in the intermediate steps before moving into the design stage and developing a full vision system.

Front-End Loading (FEL)

Feasibility testing and a detailed quoting process ensure your vision systems are on spec and your quote is accurate.

Design Engineering

We take your specifications and complete both the preliminary design and the final design, reviewing each with you along the way. Initial programming is also completed during this phase.

Vision System Fabrication

Fabrication and assembly of your brackets, control boxes, and other parts required for your turnkey vision system.

System Integration

From prepping your plant environment to factory acceptance testing (FAT), we make sure your vision system integrates smoothly.

Installation & Startup

We ensure your vision system starts up and runs smoothly, retesting every aspect of the system and training your staff on operating it.

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