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Machine Vision Systems

Part Inspection

Do you need precise, accurate, calibrated measurements of your manufactured components? A complete, integrated part inspection system will ensure product quality, repeatable production standards, and can reveal valuable process information.

Vision System Applications:

  • Part and Product Inspection: For a wide range of industries, automotive, pharmaceutical, plastics, food and beverage, valves, light bulbs, batteries, consumer products
  • Assembly Verification: Verify part tolerance, thread count, machine vision measurement and statistics, component presence/absence
  • Color Verification: Color analysis and comparison, color absence/presence
  • 3D Inspection: Verify part tolerance, compare to CAD, camera & laser scanning, cloud of points 3D modeling
  • Temperature Inspection: Infrared Cameras and Radiometric analysis, heat seal inspection

Contact an engineer for more details about your specific part inspection requirements or call 314-714-1580.

Selected Part Inspection Case Studies

Thread Count Verification for OEM

100% Thread count verification for brake parts was required by an automotive client. EPIC designed and installed a two camera system to verify tapped holes for brake lines and measure the parts for the correct thread count before leaving the production line. If a hole was absent or partial, or thread count was wrong, the brake cylinder would be rejected.

Key Features: Production quality, maintained a standard of production excellence, defect detection, 100% inspection

Jet Engines Components Measurement

Without the right integration techniques, automating tolerances of five ten thousandths of an inch can be difficult for even with the most advanced systems.  Prior to installation, our client used a tedious process involving a precision machine table top with calipers and precision height measurement tools.

The new system used a tele-centric lens that prevented parallax distortion and allowed for precision measurement in a 3D space. EPIC installed a custom machine as part of the complete vision calibration system. A fixed camera took two pictures, 180 degrees a part, as a rotary axis turned the part for a complete and quick inspection. Maintaining high accuracy and repeatability were the main accomplishments of the new vision system. Target time for the inspection process improved from several minutes per inspection to one minute.

Key Features: Locating critical features and measuring dimensions, Tele-centric Lens – eliminates perspective distortion for accurate measurements, five ten thousandths tolerance,  rotary access allows system to check both sides of the part, reduced inspection time, fixed camera with rotating parts

Why EPIC Machine Vision? 

Our vision systems allow automotive, aviation, energy, OEM and various other industries the capability to uphold rigorous manufacturing standards. When evaluating a physical object, accuracy is of utmost importance for safety compliance and the highest quality components. In many cases, lighting must be tailored specifically to the features and finishes of the part. Part presentation must also be considered and applications may require fixtures or part handling equipment to optimize the inspection.

A properly designed measurement station can improve measurement accuracy to eliminate the need for costly rejections. Vision systems report accurate dimensional information that can be integrated to various historian software packages. This is used for Statistical Process Control, monitoring manufacturing trend data, and data correlation with equipment or process events for preventative maintenance procedures.

For these benefits, you cannot just buy a camera off the shelf. Improving manufacturing processes with machine vision ensures that parts will fit properly and perform as designed – giving you even more satisfied customers.

Contact an engineer for more details about your specific part inspection requirements or call 314-714-1580.

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