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Machine Vision Systems

Custom Web Inspection

Defect InspectiionDo you need to detect problems such as holes, tears, improperly formed web, missing or defective features? A custom web defect inspection vision system from EPIC will protect product quality and increase customer satisfaction.

Common Applications:

    • Label Inspection: Can entail inspection of artwork, codes and defects.
    • Code Verification: Verify barcodes and 2D codes for confirmation of product type (Manufacturing incorrect items can produce products past deadline and significantly increase waste).
    • Component Verification:  Identify and verify components in web combining applications. These applications combine multiple materials often utilizing several auxiliary webs.
    • Artwork and Color Verification: Uses machine vision to inspect artwork quality and ghost imaging.
    • Defect Inspection: Real time image processing to detect holes, tears or damage to web.

Contact an engineer for more details about your specific system requirements.

Selected Custom Web Defect Inspection Case Studies

Vision System for Noodle Packaging Web

Date codes and FDA regulated allergen information needed to be verified for presence and legibility on a high speed packaging web. A line scan camera, inspecting thousands of bags passing through a small space within a forming machine, was designed and integrated by EPIC. A reject system was integrated with the custom vision system, reducing waste from thousands of improperly marked products down to dozens. Watch full video…

Key Features: Limited space, expiration verification, allergen legibility verification, reduced packaging reworks, integrated web reject system, HMI

Global Production Standardization of Webbed Personal Care Product

web-personal-careDefect identification during production, in a layered web product, was required by a global consumer products client. High quality standards were met across multiple international production centers. The completed system was programmed to achieve low false identification rates with a standard vision kit for domestic and international production lines. Read complete case study

Key Features: Multiple defect detection on a high speed web line, international replication and remote installation.

Why EPIC Machine Vision?

EPIC inspects a variety of web-based systems from personal care products and labels to plastic packaging and paper products. We thoroughly inspect systems to integrate the right camera with our advanced planning and design.  Line scan cameras are typically used on web production lines, but fast area-array cameras are a typical alternative.  These cameras provide important product quality information at increased speeds.

Various defects could cause product failure and consumer complaints. EPIC’s integrated Machine Vision Camera Systems are used to detect problems, even with high speed web processes. Camera’s can be used to log data or track and reject defective components.

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