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EPIC Systems, Inc. Turnkey Process


The first stage of any project is the concept development stage. Most often, inspection requirements are provided by the client.  No matter how far along in concept development phase you are, EPIC engineers will discuss your project and determine the steps required to create a solution that is right for you.

EPIC will develop your idea or fill-in the intermediate steps before moving into the design stage and developing a full vision system.

We give candid feedback on your concept by weighing it against our past experiences. Our machine vision engineers have executed a wide variety machine vision solutions for custom applications, across a multitude of industries, and we know which concepts are sound or need further development. In situations where concepts need improvement, EPIC’s vision engineers have the experience to test possible solutions and provide alternatives to the initial solution.

During concept, we:

  • Machine Vision SolutionsAsk the necessary questions to extract the full concept
  • Weigh your project against our past experiences and similar projects
  • Discuss multiple solutions to accomplish your inspection goals
  • Arrive at concept and action plan for vision front end engineering testing

We view each project as a collaborative partnership to achieve an agreed upon goal. After developing a defined concept, your project will transition into vision front end engineering (FEE). In FEE, you will be given a detailed report of proposed machine vision solutions with associated costs and a project timeline.


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