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EPIC Systems, Inc. Turnkey Process

Vision System Fabrication

CAD Vision DesignEPIC is more than a camera integrator and automation specialist. Fabrication of brackets, control boxes and assembly of the full vision system is completed in-house by our vision team. Machine vision fabrication systems can be integrated to existing factory equipment, production lines or as a stand-alone system.

Integrating a vision system into a manufacturing environment often requires a custom mount or fixture. We design and fabricate our vision systems to endure conditions and operations in demanding manufacturing environments and minimize operator error.

Unless specified by the customer, we fabricate camera mounts with minimal adjustability to preserve the settings of the validated system. EPIC’s team of in house fabricators also manufacture the control panel associated with your vision system.

Electrical Panel Fabrication

Electrical panels for power supply, system controls and inputs/outputs for the vision system and the operator interface are often required. EPIC builds all electrical panels in-house with assistance from our knowledgeable automation engineers and talented craftsmen.


  • Structural fabrication – mount bases, conveyor bridges and floor stands
  • Mechanical assembly – camera and light brackets
  • Metal fabrication and welding
  • Electrical wiring per NFPA National Electric Code
  • Instrumentation coating and painting

All vision systems are fabricated and assembled according to strict FDA, ASME and AWS standards along with any client-imposed specifications. EPIC’s quality assurance manual provides comprehensive quality control during all phases of vision system fabrication.


EPIC Vision Solutions is proud to provide the unique combination of engineering expertise and vision system fabrication under one roof. Through the EPIC-Client Relationship, an open door policy applies for all clients at every stage of vision system completion, including fabrication. EPIC’s combination of engineering expertise and machine fabrication ensures that you receive the exact vision system you need.

EPIC Vision Systems
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