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EPIC Systems, Inc. Turnkey Process

Install & Start-up

Onsite Services

EPIC Machine Vision fully installs all machine vision equipment in-plant with out machine vision lab setup, or on-site at your manufacturing facility. Installation of pre-fabricated, mechanical equipment, cameras, lighting and hardware and all electrical control panels are complete by EPIC’s technician.

Upon installation and vision system integration, EPIC re-tests all equipment to ensure every piece works together as intended. Beyond installation, EPIC provides complete vision system start-up and checkout support to ensure success.

Plant Specific Safety Practices

Onsite safety throughout vision system installation is the highest priority for EPIC. We retain a record of zero installation incidents by utilizing a qualified, well-trained workforce guided by experienced engineering managers who follow an established set of safety procedures. Mechanical and Electrical components in proximity to rotating and moving equipment requires careful, specific installation practices that our vision engineers are fully trained on.

Static Checkout- Prior to power up and start up, the vision system is fully verified and validated against design plans and drawings.

Start-up & Support Testing, calibration/tuning and functional testing is performed again to validate accuracy of inspection performance.

Training- We fully train plant personnel, engineers and managers on how to operate their newly installed vision systems. We provide a full operations manual and continual support as needed from an engineer.

Commissioning– Our group of engineers remain on-site through all aspects of production line start-up including validation, commissioning and checkout as well as turnover of all documentation to key plant personnel.


  • Field work is accomplished with 100% dedicated in-plant supervision
  • Fast-track job schedules are met
  • Equipment installation and machine vision consulting  is executed by best-value contractors with no union affiliations or agreements – or – installation is supervised with your preferred on-site electrical and mechanical craftspeople
  • Tools and equipment to support installation are ready on-site
  • Proper supervision of all field personnel is executed
  • Safety and cost management are actively supervised and controlled


EPIC Vision Systems
4134 Meramec Bottom Rd
St. Louis, MO 63129, US