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EPIC Systems, Inc. Turnkey Process

System Integration

Machine Vision IntegrationTo ensure trouble-free start-up, EPIC’s dedicated group of machine vision integrators install systems onsite and pre-configure applications to fit with existing plant machinery and production lines. We also provide turnkey systems for packaging lines, provide integration services for machinery and build custom machines from concept. Whether you need basic machine vision integration into your system or a full turnkey package, EPIC will engineer a system that is right for you.

EPIC’s approach to machine vision integration includes:

Machine Vision Integrators

  • Plant Environment Preparedness: EPIC vision systems are customized for your manufacturing environment and will not interrupt existing operations. We account for:
    • Operating temperature requirements and, if necessary, operation in extreme temperatures
    • Physical location considerations, such as mount & bracket placement, vibrations and operator/maintenance access.
    • Hazards area classification design requirements
    • Access to controls and power sources upon vision system installation
    • Specialty requirements such as food grade applications, sanitary or clean room requirements, or other industry specific necessities.
    • Other environmental challenges including: ambient light, dust, line changeovers, presence of corrosive materials, etc.
  • Control System integration: We design engineer the vision system to interact with the production line within the larger network of manufacturing machinery. We can integrate the systems to older automation technology or fully upgrade your plant to an advanced control platform. Considerations include:
    • Communication protocols
    • Existing networks
    • System handshakes and interlocks
    • Platform conversion of existing systems
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (F.A.T): All systems undergo EPIC validation and performance testing prior to shipment. Upon request, vision systems be also be acceptance tested and approved by the client prior to shipment and installation. We invite every client to be an integral part of the FAT testing and approval process.
  • Data Collection: Some of our clients request the ability to save images of final product to be a reference for quality or historical information in the event of future incidents. Vision systems can be designed for data collection  and image storage. Data is collected and exported in real time to QA System, MES or SAP systems or upper-level reporting systems. EPIC has the capability to make modifications to existing control centers and data collection if required.

If needed, custom hardware or software interfaces can be developed to facilitate the efficient exchange of data to maintain compatibility plant-wide. Our ability to evaluate all necessary integration considerations allow for a safe and trouble free start-up. To speak directly with a vision system engineer about your next machine vision application contact EPIC today.

EPIC Vision Systems
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